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21 January 2022

A plan for 2022

by David Pérez-Suárez

A new year has started, and with it some resolutions!

I’m continuing an amazing work that Mark Dawson started two years ago! Unfortunately, Mark cannot commit this year to be as present in our small community, but he will still be around (👋 Mark!).

Some of us met last Friday to discuss what kind of things we would like to do in this year, and we’ve come up with a plan. First thing to notice is the change of times of our regular meetings! We will be meeting on Tuesdays between 16’00 and 17’00 UK time. Read below to know more about our future plans!

During the meeting we used a hakmd document to keep notes of our wonderful ideas. Some of these ideas will be converted into issues on our our repository and hopefully we can have a successful year as the previous years.

We will keep meeting twice a month, with a similar format as we had before. In principle, we will try to have the first of these a more formal session when someone talks about some particular topic, whereas the second meeting may be a more informal one. This is our aim, but it will depend very much on the speakers and the community.

What activities can we do?

This list is some of the things we discussed based on the interests of the people participating on the call or on Slack. If you have new ideas, don’t hesitate to mentioned to us on the channel or open an issue with it!

What roles should we have?

To keep the community vibrant in a world where everyone is busy, we need to share responsibility across different people. We’ve suggested some roles, as with the topics, if you would like to volunteer to any of these or think of new roles we could have, let us know by creating a new issue.

So far we’ve got:

What actions were decided?

Beyond that in the last week we’ve also created a community page on Mobilizon which may be a good platform to advertise our events.